Crowne Plaza Fudan Shanghai (上海复旦皇冠假日酒店)
Address: No.199 Handan Road, Shanghai (
Tel.: +86-21-55529999

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We have booked rooms for participants according to your itineraries. If
your schedule is changed, please keep us updated by contacting the
conference secretariat:

We will organize a bus from SCES2016 in Hangzhou to Fudan University for
invited speakers, and will arrange transportation between the venue and
hotel. For attendees who plan to make their own way to the venue, the
new Jiangwan campus is located at the north end of Shanghai Metro's Line
10 (Xinjiangwancheng station). By metro, campus is roughly an hour from
Hongqiao (the opposite end of Line 10) and 30 minutes from Shanghai
Station (take Line 4 two stops to Hailun Road and transfer to Line 10 for
Xinjiangwancheng). It may be faster and more convenient to take
a taxi to campus, particularly from Hongqiao.
The venue is conveniently located in a distant, isolated
corner of campus, walled off on all sides by construction sites.

A taxi from either airport to campus is about 200 RMB, metro is 6-8 RMB
from the airports or 4RMB from Shanghai Station, and using the maglev
line is 50 RMB, or 40RMB with either a public transit card or a boarding
pass for that day (plus 5 RMB for the metro component).

For route planning on the Shanghai Metro you can try, but you're probably best off using Google
or Baidu Maps.