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Physics of strongly correlated systems
Fall 2014



Introduction to Multi-electron atom and molecule, Ligand field theory and Molecular orbital theory
  • Fermi liquid theory
  • Hubbard model and its extensions, Mott metal-insulator transition and spin-charge separation
  • Anderson impurity model and Kondo effect
  • Screening, electron-phonon interaction, BCS theory
  • Phase transition, order parameter, and quantum criticality
  • High Tc superconductivity
  • Orbital ordering, manganite
  • Spectroscopy techniques in many body physics.

  • Texts:
    • Patrik Fazekas, "Lecture notes on Electron Correlation and Magnetism"
    • -- an excellent introductory book on wide area of condensed matter physics, available in the bookstore
    • -- a nice pedagogical book on ideas of phase transition, correlation functions, 世图版available in bookstore
      P. M. Chaikin "Principles of condensed matter physics" 
    • N. Tsuda et al. "Electonic conduction in oxides"
    • P. A. Cox "Introduction to transition metal oxides"
    • M. Imada "Metal-insulator transitions" @ Review of Modern Physics, Vol 70, 1039 (1998)
    • Carl J. Ballhausen "Introduction to Ligand Field Theory"
    • N. F. Mott "Metal-Insulator transition"
    • Excellent introduction to Fermi liquid theory that avoids the use of field theory.

      The Theory of Quantum Liquids by D. Pines and P. Nozieres.
    More theoretical references
      • by P. W. Anderson. A classic reference. Many of us still turn to this book for inspiration, and philosophy. It also has a fine selection of important reprints at the back.
        Basic Notions in Condensed Matter Physics
    Traditional Many Body Theory and Greens Functions  
      • `Many-Particle Physics'', Third Edition  by G. Mahan. (Plenum).
      • by Abrikosov, Gorkov and Dzyalozinskii. (Dover Paperback) - Classic text from the sixties, known usually as AGD.
        ``Methods of Quantum Field Theory in Statistical Physics''
      • by R. D. Mattuck. A light introduction to the subject.
        ``A guide to Feynman Diagrams in the Many-Body problem
      • S.Doniach and E. H. Sondheimer. Not as thorough as AGD, but less threatening and somehow more manageable. Frontiers in Physics series no 44.
        ``Greens functions for Solid State Physics''
      • by J. W. Negele and H. Orland. Alas all the good physics is in the unsolved excercises! However, it is the only one of this set to touch on the subject of functional integrals.
        ``Quantum Many Particle Systems''
    Newer approaches to Many-Body Problem.  
      • 129 (1994). An amazingly self-contained review of the renormalization group and functional integral techniques written by one of the best expositors of condensed matter physics.
        R. Shankar, Rev Mod Phys 66
      • by E. Fradkin. (Frontiers in Physics, Addison Wesley). Interesting material on the fractional statistics and the fractional quantum Hall effect.
        ``Field Theories of Condensed Matter Physics''
      • by A. Tsvelik. (Cambridge paper back) Very good for one dimensional systems. No excercises.
        ``Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics''
    Further references:
      • by Lifshitz and Pitaevskii. Pergammon. Marvellous book on applications of many body physics, mainly to condensed matter physics.
        Statistical Physics, vol II
    Online references     (Check it out- this is a great link).