The 1st Workshop on
Complex Quantum Materials

Shanghai, China (May 14 -15th, 2016)

Chairs: Prof. Donglai Feng
Prof. Shiyan Li
Prof. Gang Chen


Within the field of strongly correlated electron physics, materials with
added layers of complexity -- more bands at the Fermi surface, less
symmetry, additional interactions such as strong spin-orbit coupling and
their interplay with each other, or materials in which the surface
differs fundamentally from the bulk, pose particular challenges but also
unique opportunities for advancing our understanding. They allow us to
test the limits of our current knowledge and break through. This
symposium, a satellite conference of SCES 2016 in Hangzhou, aims
to bring together leading experts to tackle the outstanding issues in these

Topics discussed at the conference will centre on superconductivity and
topological materials. Superconducting systems will include iron-based
superconductors and those with novel pairing symmetry, especially thin
films and surface measurements.

Invited Speakers
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