Gong, Xinggao

Gong, Xinggao
Name: Gong, Xinggao
Title: Xie Xide Professor, APS Fellow
Degree: Ph. D., Institute of Solid State Physics, Academia Sinica (1993)
Fields: Theoretical study of nano-particle and nano-structure, Computational design of new materials, Properties and defects of oxides and semiconductor, Structure and dynamic properties of surfaces and interfaces, Theoretical methods for multiscale modeling, Computational method of electron structure of complex systerms
Office: Physics Building 235A
Email: xggong [at] fudan.edu.cn, gong [at] theory.issp.ac.cn
Phone: +86-21-65643932
Website: http://www.physics.fudan.edu.cn/tps/people/xggong/

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