Office space

Right after you arrive in Fudan, please come to the secretary office at Guanghua Tower East 2418 to register your information, and obtain the key to your office. When you are about to leave Fudan, please return the key to the scretary office as well. 

During your visit, if you need any help, please ask the secretary:

Ms. Zhu Xinyi
Office: Guanghua Tower East 2418
Tel: 021-55665239
Email: quantum [at]


  • Cabled Internet: Please use the cable internet socket in the office
    IP: written on the internet socket on the wall
    Gateway: (23rd floor), (24th floor)
  • Wireless (fduwireless): please ask your host to apply for a temporary wifi account at theUniversity IT support website.


Office room 2314: +86-21-5566xxxx
Office room 2409: 

Print, copy, and scan

There are printer/copy machine in the meeting room 2419.

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