Dining & Accomodation

During your stay, we may arrange your dining and accomodation if you need, you may also arrange them yourself.


You may purchase a dining card at the Fudan Danyuan Canteen (with 25% handling fee).


Here is a list of hotels around the campus (see map for their locations):

  • Crowne Plaza (✭✭✭✭✭)
    Address: Handan Road 199 (facing the Fudan Univ. South gate)
    Booking tel: 4008825398
    Cost: ~750RMB/Day
  • Fuxuan Hotel (✭✭✭✭)
    Address: Guoding Road 400 (facing the Fudan Univ. East gate)
    Booking tel: 021-55589518
    Cost: ~430RMB/Day
  • Qingyun Hotel (✭✭✭)
    Address: Handan Road 220 (on campus)
    Booking tel: 
    Cost: ~370RMB/Day
  • Fudan Yanyuan Hotel (✭✭✭)
    Address: Zhengtong Road 270
    Booking tel: 021-65115121
    Cost: ~280
  • Hanting Hotel Fudan (✭✭)
    Address: Songhuajiang Road 2528
    Booking tel: 021-61434888
    Cost: ~160
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