Research Update: Tailor the Functionalities of Metasurfaces Based on a Complete Phase Diagram

Prof. Lei Zhou and co-workers elucidate the tailor-ability on the functionality of metasurfaces in a metal-insulator-metal (MIM) configuration with theoretical and experimental demonstrations. The results has been recently published on Physical Review Letters [link].


Metasurfaces in a MIM configuration have been widely used in photonics, with applications ranging from perfect absorption to phase modulation, but why and when such structures can realize what functionalities are not yet fully understood. Here, we combine theory and experiments to establish a generic phase diagram to understand the diversified functionalities discovered on MIM metasurfaces and provide practical approaches to tailor the functionalities of such systems. These generic results can guide people to design their own MIM metasurfaces with tailored and even tunable optical responses in different frequency domains. Our analyses also work in the high-frequency domain and for complex MIM structures supporting multiple resonances well separated in frequency. Our discoveries lay a solid basis for realizing functional and tunable photonic devices with such structures.

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