Professor Shiwei Wu


  • B.S. (2001), Fudan University
  • M.S. (2004), University of California, Irvine
  • Ph.D. (2007), University of California, Irvine
    • Thesis: Combination of a Scanning Tunneling Microscope with Optical Excitation.
    • Advisor: Prof. Wilson Ho

Professional experience

  • Professor, Department of Physics, Fudan University (Feb. 2011 - present)
  • Xie Xide Youth Chair Professor, Department of Physics, Fudan University (Dec. 2014 - present)
  • PI, State Key Laboratory of Surface Physics, Fudan University (Feb. 2011 - present)
  • PI, Key Laboratory of Micro and Nano Photonic Structures (MOE), Fudan University (Jan. 2012 - present)
  • Postdoctoral fellow, Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Nov. 2007 - Jan. 2011)

Biological sketch

Shiwei Wu was born in 1979 in Chongming island of Shanghai, where he received his primary education. In 1997, He attended Fudan University and got his B.S. degree in Physics in 2001. Then, attracted to the beautiful STM work by Professor Wilson Ho, he joined Ho group at University of California, Irvine for graduate study. During his PhD, he has built a low temperature STM and combined it with optics to study single molecules at surfaces and their response to light irradiation. After he obtained his PhD in 2007, he decided to broaden his research experience in the general area of nanoscience and joined the Molecular Foundry at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as a lead postdoc fellow. In the Molecular Foundry, his research focused on optical study of nanostructures such as upconversion nanoparticles and graphene. He also developed a near-field tip-enhanced optical microscope for achieving optical resolution at nanometer scale. In February of 2011, he joined the faculty of Physics at Fudan University.

Selected publications

  1. Weijong Chen, Zeyuan Sun, Zhongjie Wang, Lehua Gu, Xiaodong Xu, Shiwei Wu* & Chunlei Gao*, Direct observation of van der Waals stacking-dependent interlayer magnetism. Science 366, 983–987 (2019).
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  3. Yu Zhang#, Di Huang#, Yuwei Shan, Tao Jiang, Zhihong Zhang, Kaihui Liu, Lei Shi, Jinluo Cheng, John E. Sipe, Wei-Tao Liu*, Shiwei Wu*, Doping-induced second harmonic generation in centrosymmetric graphene from quadrupole response. Physical Review Letters 122, 047401 (2019).
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