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Group Chronology

2020.9, Stud. H. Zhu, C. Dai, Y. Liu joined;

2020.6, Dr. J. Lin, X. Zhang left, congratulations;

2019.12, Dr. M. Jia, F. Guan left;

2019.9, Stud. C. Liu, C. Pu, H. Li joined;

2018.9, Stud. X. Zheng, Y. Zhou, Q. Cai joined;

2017.9, Stud. D. Wang, H. Zhou joined;

2017.6, Dr. W. Luo, S. Ma & Z. Miao left;

2016.9, Stud. Z. Fang, T. Liu joined;

2016.6, Dr. M. Qiu, B. Zhu left;

2015.9,Stud. Z. Wang, X. Zhang, J. Duan, Q. Li joined;

2015.6, Dr. W. Sun, X. Li left;

2015.3, Dr. H. Xu, W. Huang took the post-doc position here; Dr. T. Cai joined;

2014.10, Dr. C. Qu left;

2014.9, Stud. F. Guan, H. Guo & M. Jia joined;

2014.1, Dr. X. Xiao left;

2013.12, S. Tang got doctorate and took the post-doc position at Mater. Science Dept., and collaborate with us;

2013.9, Stud. J. Lin & X. Tian joined;

2013.6, S. Xiao, Z. Song & K. Ding got doctorate;

2012.9, Stud. W. Luo, S. Ma & Z. Miao joined;

2011.12, Posdoc H. Xu left;

2011.9, Stud. B. Zhu joined;

2011.7, B. Xi got doctorate;
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