Spectroscopic and Thermodynamic Study of New Materials Group
Department of Physics, Fudan University

muon generation positron angular distribution single crystalline CeRhIn5
Latest News

- Nov. 2017, MuSR experiments at TRIUMF center, Vancouver, Canada.

- Sept. 2017, Yanxing Yang, Zihao Zhu, Changsheng Chen joined our group as PhD cadidates.

- Jun. 2017, attendence of the 14th International Conference on Muon Spin Rotation, Relaxation and Resonance.

- Mar. 2017, Qi Sheng published her work 'Superconductivity in self-flux-synthesized single crystalline R2Pt3Ge5 (R=La,Ce,Pr)' on Chin. Phys. B as first author.

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- Local spin dynamics in spin frustrated magnets

- Strongly correlated electron phenomena in heavy fermion systems

- Time reversal symmetry breaking in unconventional superconductors

- Pairing symmetry of novel superconductors

Prof. Lei Shu
Office S402, New Physics Building, Jiangwan Campus, Fudan University, No. 2205 Songhu Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China
E-mail: leishu@fudan.edu.cn

"It's easy if you try."
-- John Lennon, 1971

Our research interests center on understanding the strongly correlated electron phenomena in novel d- and f-electron materials. These phenomena include superconductivity, magnetism, and effects arising from their interplay, heavy fermion behavior, and non-Fermi liquid behavior.
We primarily apply muon spin rotation/relaxation (µSR) to the study of local magnetic and electronic properties of materials. We have facilities for preparing and characterizing single/polycrystalline samples, and for measuring the transport, thermal and magnetic properties of these materials over a wide range of temperature and magnetic field.

- recent research highlights to be updated

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