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Loop theory for scattering in cavities

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Continuing our pursuit in understanding coupled systems, we developed a simple graphical loop theory in calculating transmission and reflection for a general coupled systems with multiple internal modes. This graphical method is so simple that no calculation is needed.

Spin wave computing

Figure 3

The two main issues of the present computing technology are the increasingly severe energy dissipation and the limited computing speed. The origin of both issues can be traced back to the von-Neumann computing architecture, in which the data storage and processing are separately realized in the memory and the central processing unit (CPU). …

New mechanism for dissipative coupling

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This work started last October during a KITS workshop held in Beijing. During the workshop, Prof. Can-ming Hu from University of Manitoba in Canada reported a non-typical energy level crossing [1], the so-called level attraction, in a YIG-cavity system. The level attraction is very different from the typical repulsive anti-crossing whenenver two energy levels intersecting each other. 

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