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Ultrafast spectroscopy and scanning microscopy of quantum matter

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We use superconducting quantum interference devices and ultrafast laser to study quantum materials, including topological insulators and unconventional superconductors, whose edge, surface, interface characteristics and 2D limit are mainly focused.


Topological insulator is a semiconductor with a protected surface state. The surface state is point spin polarization, which facilitates the powerless transmission of information based on electron spin, which may be used in Spintronics. Theoretically, Majorana fermions may exist when topological insulators and superconductors are combined. This novel particle can play the role of a quantum bit in topological quantum calculation. Thus, finding Majorana fermions will be one of the main directions in our recent exploration. The scanning superconducting quantum interferometer (SQUID) is the most important concept of superconducting integrated circuits.Mastering its design and preparation will make it possible to manufacture the complex superconducting integrated circuits. These technologies with high frequencies (greater than 100 GHz) and low energy consumption will innovate existing transistor-based semiconductor integrated circuits, and they are also a promising way to achieve quantum computing.






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   Nanobridge-based Scanning SQUID           Microscopy’s design and fabrication

Hao Ru

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Yimin Wan


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