Upcoming Events

Group meetings:

June 2 at 12:45 (Room 2404, Guanghua East Tower)

Speaker: Yu Wang (SHAO)

Topic: AGN feedback and galaxy cluster mergers with X-ray and radio observations

June 9 at 13:00 (Room 2417, Guanghua East Tower)

Speaker: Alejandro Cardenas-Avendano (NUC Bogota)

Topic: IPython

June 16

No group meeting

June 23

No group meeting

June 30 at 13:00 (Room 2417, Guanghua East Tower)

Topic: TBA


Astrophysics seminar

May 29 at 15:30 (Room 221B, Physics Building)

Speaker: Sandra Faber (UC San Diego)

Title: TBA

Astrophysics seminar

June 26 at 14:00 (Room 221B, Physics Building)

Speaker: Quentin Parker (HKU)

Title: TBA


11-13 April 2016

Black Holes and Friends 2


Jake Arthur (University of Nottingham), March 10-June 10

Rachel Asquith (University of Nottingham), March 10-June 10

Alejandro Cardenas-Avendano (NUC Bogota), May 20-June 20

Sandra Faber (UC San Diego), May 29

Quentin Parker (HKU), June 26


Department of Physics

Fudan University