Mini-Workshop on Quantum Verification
16 Aug 2019 – 18 Aug 2019

With the rapid development of quantum information science, quantum systems underlying quantum information processing get bigger and more complex. It is therefore more urgent to find efficient ways for characterizing large quantum systems and quantum operations on these systems. Due to the exponentially increasing dimension of the Hilbert space, approaches based on traditional quantum tomography are hardly applicable. On the other hand, full tomography is usually not necessary to extract the key information required to make the decision. Recently, a probabilistic approach called quantum verification has gained increasing attention due to its high efficiency and several other merits. Notably, this approach can be applied without the i.i.d. assumption underlying most traditional tomographic protocols and which often cannot be guaranteed in practice. The potential and limitation of this approach are still not well understood. This mini-workshop hopes to gather experts and junior researchers to discuss the latest developments and challenges in characterizing large quantum systems from the perspective of quantum verification. The main interests include but are not limited to  

I. Efficient verification of quantum computation
II. Efficient verification of quantum states
III. Efficient detection of multipartite entanglement and property testing

Sponsored by:

Fudan University

State Key Laboratory of Surface Physics

Beijing Institute of Technology

Key Laboratory of Advanced Optoelectronic Quantum Architecture and Measurement, Ministry of Education